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Watch ALIEN 9 in HD free on youtube! Ripped from my dvd copy lol ~

Alien Nine borgs color bar.
found across the interweb! please scroll


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i love horses, coding, silent hill 1-3, niche anime, outdated cgi, making bad art, my little pony, autism, nu-metal, piracy, emulation, right to repair, internet archival, weird cartoons, shitty reality tv and cigarettes. i'm still a noob at coding so excuse the mess lol ~

added my blog! its all comin together.... with hot glued together code
changed my mind on background image... instead decided to add another sidebar along with a graphics collection and my youtube channel lol. watch me change it all again tomorrow xD
added a background image and playlist :3c
edit : added my art gallery! still a huge wip bcus im tired.. but its up there xP
added a links section, along with a little site view counter :) thank you everyone who's checked my site out~ !