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currently watching Damekko Dobutsu currently playing NiGHTS into Dreams currently listening to Masayoshi Takanaka - Brasilian Skies currently working on this site! currently looking forward to Supanova!


just a quick update, i havent abandoned this site i promise T_T unfortunately for the last month i have been very very sick and depressed. i am seeing a doctor finally today and will hopefully get some answers ... i hope to continue working on this site when my brain can handle it. i hope you guys are all doing well ~ i miss coding so much but its been very hard to do pretty much anything recently which is sad.... please pray that this is something small and cheap and easy to cure lol xD until next time, web surfers!


its 5 am... i woke up first at the sleepover for some reason lol >_> and now i have nothin to do except recount last nights events!!! All i did was go to a bar and marvel at how loud i forgot everything was. when multiple people are talking in a public setting like that , i only hear like... a chainsaw! its so friggin loud!!! its a shame... because i'd love to be a party girl and go to clubs and bars and etc etc but i cannot hear anything the entire night except like chainsaw sounds and yelling... i live in silent hill irl

on another note it's my mom's birthday next week... i'm so super excited, i love my mom so much she is the most beautiful person in the world and i feel so very lucky every day to have her. maybe it is lame because i am technically an adult but i miss her even now just being away from her for a night T_T i dont understand how people (at least those with good relationships with their parents) ever manage to move out of the home... i think i'd just like to live with my mom forever. unfortunately living with your parents as an adult gives you a bad rep which is really really silly and a very capitalist idea in my opinion. why do i need to spend like a billion dollars on a whole house just to be independent?!?!?!?!? i just dont think i care about appearing independent... i think dependency is underrated imo... bring back family homes that get passed through generations ok rent is too expensive........

well i'll see u all later probably. i hope you enjoyed my five am computer words (also at some point i'll organise this so theres a menu of entries... but to be honest i currently have NO idea how to code that so give me a week lol ..)


rest in peace sweet google

gone but not forgotten.....

at least we still have our darling email. plus a bunch of other new puppies all named after computer shit. gif, webp, jpeg, png, deviantart...my children. i like to think wobbledogs are made out of jelly and bacteria and a soul that wanders on so i dont get so upset when they die ;_; lol the first time i opened the game i made my first wobbledog named after my real life dog and then immediately had to delete the save because the dynamic i had made was too strange. felt very distopian to be honest!

anyway currently im trying to complete the gut flora guide so i can start engineering my own special dogs. im about 40% of the way through >_>

tha babies ready for hatching. all their heads got tinier wtf.


hello all ~ it's hard to think of what to write here! all this coding and for what... absolutely no thoughts to share. what a waste!!!! Lol... well, i did just re-download a rom of animal crossing for the gamecube ...

*le sigh* i just played acgc for like half an hour before my emulator crashed and deleted my progress -_- remembering why i deleted this in the first place... so lets go play wobbledogs instead

i already have a save that ive played eight hours of (i only bought this game the other day whoops ...) but i've decided to make a seperate save just for neocities ^_^7 think of it like a written lets play ...!!! now give it up for our very first wobbledog: google *trumpet noises*

(pictured above: google enjoying a snack)

and our new beautiful baby email. i will update later as they mutate....


i've been spending a lot of time today thinking about how autism has affected my gender identity... i was never a girl... i was just an animal... like some kind of beautiful animated horse in a show about friendship or something. i was a weird hairy tomboyish autistic kid and now i am the same except bigger. i'm so stoned right now aaufuhu